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Josianne Ebodé

Josianne Ebodé


Name : EBODE NTSAMA Joséphine Josiane
Phone. : 699 91 77 12/651 08 66 41

e-mail :


1998-2002 : Volonteer at the Club des Jeunes Aveugles Réhabilités du Cameroun ( C.J.A.R.C). Where I occupied the functions of Secretary, Librarian and transcriptions Squalls and Black;
2002-2003 : Secretary in the Cameroonian Federation of Sports for Handicapped persons (F.E.CA.S.H).;
2005-2009 : Temporary to the Ministry of Communication as Secretary to Vice-minister’s Office, then to the Multimedia Center, then to Inspector N°1, Coordinator of the Multimedia Center;
2009 : Integration in the Public service as State’s Agent at  the General Inspectorate of the Ministry of Communication;
2010 : Contract Agent of Administration;
2013 : Academic internship(training course) of one month to Cabinet d’Experts en Gestion de Patrimoine experts’ Cabinet(Office) in Private asset management (CÉGEP-SA), Commercial and Marketing Department;
2014 : Academic internship(training course) of two months within the Cameroonian Association for the Training(Formation) and the Social integration of the Blind ( ACFISA);
2015: Academic internship(training course) of three months to the Club of the Young Blind persons Rehabilitated of Cameroon ( C.J.A.R.C).;


1997: Training(formation) in sewing in the center of Training(Formation) for Disabled women “BOBINE D’OR” of Ékounou;
1999: Training(formation) in complete Braille at C.J.A.R.C.;
2000: Training(formation) in the braille transcription of the printed texts, the mathematical and musical notations;
2001: Training of IT Office automation Assistant-accountant;
2002: Training of trainer and referee of Torball and Goalball;
2003: In-service training of the Teachers Specialized the Persons with visual impairment;

2004: leader of the blind persons on the fight against the IST / HIV / AIDS;
2012-2015: Training(formation) in Sciences of the Information and Communication to the Advanced School of Mass Communications ( ASMAC).


  • Control of the complete Braille;
  • Control of the IT Office automation;
  • Knowledge of the jobs(businesses) of the Communication and Public Relations;
  • French (read – spoken paper);
  • English (read – average spoken paper);
  • Spanish (read – average spoken paper).


Reading, music, television, Internet, walk, journeys.